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Dr. Stosich, board-certified orthodontist serving Evanston
Meet Dr. Stosich, Board-Certified Orthodontist Serving Evanston

Dr. Michael Stosich and his team at iDentity Orthodontics are ready to serve patients in Evanston who are looking for a highly skilled orthodontist. Dr. Stosich has training nearly twice that of the standard orthodontist and uses the most cutting-edge and effective treatments found.

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When kids should see an orthodontist

Check out what sets iDentity Orthodontics apart from other orthodontic offices in Evanston, IL.

Board Certified Orthodontist

Dr. Spector is one of the few highly experienced orthodontist in the Evanston area, only a very small percentage of orthodontists have are diplomate of American Board of Orthodontics.

Patient-Centric Orthodontic Practice

Patients come first at iDentity Orthodontics, which means we are always committed to providing them with a personalized, patient-centric experience, making every visit a positive experience.

Advanced Orthodontic Technologies

At iDentity Orthodontics, we offer a wide array of the latest braces and orthodontic treatment options to match every patient's needs. Not only are they comfortable and efficient, but also more affordable than ever before.

Highly Reviewed Orthodontic Practice

iDentity Orthodontics is among the few top-rated and highly reviewed orthodontic practices in the area, offering the latest treatment options to ensure a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.

Braces Offered by iDentity Orthodontics in Evanston

Every smile is unique, and every orthodontic treatment plan should be, too. Dr. Spector offers the most personalized treatment plans in Evanston. Using scientifically-backed methods, patients enjoy the most efficient and effective treatment, including lingual braces, traditional metal braces, and clear aligners.

metal braces

Metal Braces

Today’s metal braces aren’t like those of the past, and Dr. Spector’s patented, low-profile braces are the sleekest and most comfortable around. Evanston patients of all ages enjoy the highly efficient braces.

ceramic braces

Ceramic Braces

For patients looking for an even lower profile, ceramic braces are a great option. They pair the efficacy of metal braces with the discretion patients want. Brackets can be either tooth-colored or clear and are very efficient in moving teeth while blending in with the natural smile.

lingual braces

Lingual Braces

The most discreet orthodontic treatment option today is lingual braces. These are metal braces with an interesting twist. Instead of being placed on the outside of the teeth, the brackets and wires are fit on the lingual, or tongue, side of the teeth. Ther makes them invisible to others. Lingual braces are completely customized for the individual patient.

id clear aligners

Clear Aligners

Many patients love the idea of clear aligners because ther treatment is not only clear, it’s also comfortable and removable. Dr. Spector’s patients can enjoy one of two different options.

iD Clear Aligners by SureSmile are the most precise clear aligner system available. They were designed and patented by Dr. Spector and require fewer aligner sets than Invisalign. They also require fewer office visits.

invisalign braces


Invisalign clear aligners can straighten your smile comfortably and discreetly. The removable aligner sets are perfectly calibrated to guide your teeth to their new locations, with the result being your perfect smile.

Dr. Spector and her team at iDentity Orthodontics take many patients from Evanston, IL. We provide all types of braces treatments, including metal braces, clear aligners, and lingual braces. We provide affordable financing options with monthly payments and $0 financing, and a free initial exam and consultation.

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Need a dentist in Evanston?

We recommend you continue visiting your Evanston dentist every six months for regular checkups and cleanings. If you do not have any dentists in the Evanston area while in braces treatment with us, we can refer you to a top-rated dentist in Evanston, IL, to help you with our general dentistry needs during your orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic Care for Patients of All Ages in Evanston

With iDentity Orthodontics, patients of all ages in Evanston enjoy the most effective orthodontic treatment found anywhere.


Braces for Children

It’s important to begin a relationship with an orthodontist at the right time. The American Academy of Orthodontists recommends children have their first visit by the age of seven. The orthodontist can monitor the growth of the smile and then begin treatment when it will have the most impact.


Braces for Teens

The teen years can be rough on everyone, and adding orthodontic treatment to the mix doesn’t help. Dr. Spector offers cutting-edge and sopherticated treatment options that can straighten your smile without drawing more attention to your issue.


Braces for Adults

Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age. Today, nearly a quarter of all patients are adults. Dr. Spector offers excellent treatment options for adult patients in Evanston.

iDentity Orthodontics Retainers for Evanston Patients

Retainers are an important part of your orthodontic care. Without a retainer, your teeth will want to drift back to their old locations because the bones and ligaments need time to solidify in the new locations. Evanston patients can choose either a removable Hawley retainer, a removable Essix retainer, or a fixed retainer.

Removable retainers

  • Hawley retainer – metal wire that goes over the teeth and plastic piece that sits on the palate
  • Essix retainer – clear, removable retainer similar to a clear aligner
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Removable Retainers

Fixed retainers

Retainer that is bonded directly to the teeth and is not removable

Your teeth may be feeling unaligned. Or, it could be the retaining wire keeping them in place is too loose. We recommend making an appointment to get your retainers checked!

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With more than 1500 five-star reviews and counting, iDentity Orthodontics strives to provide the best orthodontic care in the area

Check out these videos to see what the iDentity Orthodontics patients think about their experiences with us.

Handling Braces Emergencies in Evanston

A true braces emergency is rare, but you may encounter some inconveniences during your treatment.

  • Discomfort – Unfortunately, orthodontic treatment does come with a bit of discomfort. You may experience some pain and soreness, especially after your braces are first placed or after an adjustment. Take an over-the-counter pain medication or use a saltwater rinse to help provide relief. Use orthodontic wax over areas of your braces that irritate your mouth.
  • Loose bracket – A loose bracket can be bonded back in place at your next visit. If it irritates you, hold it in place with some orthodontic wax.
  • Poking wire – Clip the offending part of the wire using a pair of sterilized nail clippers and then place wax over it.
  • Injury to the mouth or face – Call emergency services or your doctor as needed. Call your orthodontist if damage occurs to your orthodontic appliance.
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