Orthodontic Treatments, Invisalign and iD Clear Braces

Ortho TreatmentRegardless of whether you are a child or an adult, orthodontic treatment can have a dramatic effect on your personal appearance, self-confidence and self-esteem. Improving teeth and gum health is of equal importance. Crowded, crooked teeth and an improper bite can contribute to periodontal disease, bone loss, tooth decay, and cause unnatural wear patterns of your tooth enamel and biting surfaces. Orthodontic malocclusions including crossbite, openbite, overbite, overjet, and underbite can be corrected using technological advancements that result in faster treatment time, less need for tooth extractions, and improved comfort while in treatment.

Teeth can be moved at any age if your gums and supporting bone structure are in healthy condition. Grayslake and Kenilworth orthodontist, Dr. Spector, offers a variety of treatment options designed for patients of all ages. Your journey to a new smile can begin today.

The new techniques and appliances our office uses greatly reduces treatment times, requires fewer office visits, provides added comfort, and enables you to choose from several options.

  • Clear or metal braces
  • iD Clear Aligners
    Braces are the clear alternative to metal braces
  • All Care Plans
    3D image guided care and customized appliances
iDentity Orthodontics