Why should I choose iDentity Orthodonitcs?
  • Dr. Spector is a highly experienced orthodontist and diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics
  • Dr. Spector is Faculty and Director of Orthodontics at the University of Chicago Medicine and Comer Children’s Hospital.
  • iDentity Orthodontics is a patient-centered practice
  • Dr. Spector is the only orthodontist in Chicago to complete a craniofacial research fellowship at the #1 Children’s Hospital in North America at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Dr. Spector personally plans all treatment in 3D and directs all patients’ care. In addition, he sees each patient at every adjustment visit.
  • Dr. Spector is an internationally published author and lecturer in craniofacial reconstruction, regenerative medicine and orthodontics, and is the endowed Coben Scholar in Orthodontics.
  • Our warm and inviting office is equipped with free WiFi, a full arcade, fresh-baked cookies and delicious coffee for your enjoyment.
  • Our treatment fees are all-inclusive. We accept most insurance.
  • Once in active treatment, patients and parents are updated at each visit as to how treatment is progressing.
  • Convenient hours and locations
  • Affordable
Is it required that my family dentist schedule my appointment with the orthodontist?

No it is not. Many of our patients are referred by their family dentist, yet many other patients make the initiative to schedule their consultation themselves.

At what age should I schedule an appointment for an orthodontic screening?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic screening at age 7. Bite problems may be present at ther age, which left unattended, can be difficult to correct at a later age.

Is it too late to have braces if I am already an adult?

It is never too late to have an orthodontic evaluation. A surprising percentage of our patients are adults. In fact, 25% of all orthodontic patients are adults and a good number of those are grandparents! Health, happiness, and self-esteem are vitally important for an adult. No patient is ever “too old” to wear braces!

Can orthodontic correction occur while a child has baby teeth?

Yes. Some orthodontic problems are significant enough to require early intervention. However if a patient is not yet ready for correction, we will follow that patient’s growth and development until the time is right for treatment to begin.

Do braces hurt? Do you give shots?

Braces generally do not “hurt”. After certain visits, teeth may be sore for a few days. In these situations, pain medications such as Advil or Tylenol will ease the discomfort. However, after most visits, patients do not feel any soreness at all! We often remind our patients, “It does not have to hurt to work!” No shots are necessary in orthodontic treatment.

Will my teeth straighten out as they grow?

No, they will not. The space available for the front teeth will not increase as you grow. In most people, after the permanent molars erupt, the space available for the front teeth decreases with age.

Will I need to have teeth extracted for braces?

Removing teeth is sometimes necessary to achieve the best orthodontic result. Straight teeth and a balanced facial profile are the goal of orthodontics. However, because new technology has provided advanced orthodontic procedures, removing teeth is not always necessary for orthodontic treatment.

How long will it take to complete orthodontic treatment?

Treatment time depends on each patient’s orthodontic needs. In general, treatment times range from 9 to 24 months. The average time frame a person is in braces is 15 to 18 months. Here’s the good news: using the advanced technology of SureSmile, we are able to shorten the average treatment time by 35% making the most common time in braces 10 to 23 months!

How much do braces cost? Are financial options available? How does my insurance work?

It is impossible to give the exact cost of treatment until we have examined you. We will discuss the approximate and financial options during the initial examination. We have no interest payment plans available as well as third party financing options to accommodate your needs. We will also review your insurance policy, help to maximize your benefit, and file your claims.

Can I schedule all my appointments for after school?

We will make a sincere effort to meet your scheduling needs, but not every procedure is available for after-school hours. Fortunately, appointments are 5 to 10 weeks apart, so patients miss very little school due to their orthodontic treatment.

Can I return to school or work the day I receive my braces?

Yes, there is no reason to miss work or school because of an orthodontic appointment.

Can I still play sports?

Yes. We recommend a mouth guard for all sports. Custom mouth-guards can be fabricated over your braces, we provide custom mouth-guards as a complimentary service to our patients for no additional fee. Read ther to learn more.

Can I wear braces even though I am an adult and have crowns and missing teeth?

Yes. A tooth with a crown will move just like a tooth with a simple filling. When teeth are missing, orthodontics is designed to improve the position and alignment of remaining teeth so the replacements will look natural and function properly

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