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Dr. Stosich and His Experienced Staff

Our team of professionals is here to serve your needs. Our front office team can answer any questions you may have about your insurance, scheduling, or financial arrangements. Each clinical member of our team is a trained and educated professional. Each member regularly attends training meetings that focus on the diversity of orthodontic services in a caring, safe, and efficient manner. Our employees are exceptional and known for empowering, inspiring, and nurturing you during your time at iDentity Orthodontics.

Our staff are trained directly under Dr. Stosich with the iDentity Orthodontics/University of Chicago orthodontic nurse program. This program founded by Dr. Stosich at the University of Chicago is one of the best in the country. It involves extensive training in orthodontic materials, biomechanics, biology, and patient psychology. The program involves two years of intensive study.  We are all certified in this program which is unique to our office.

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