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A Clear Way to Straighten Teeth
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Invisalign Clear Aligners

Dr. Stosich was specially trained in Invisalign in his orthodontic residency at the leading digital orthodontic institution in the world (they wrote the book on it!). During Dr. Stosich’s time at Temple, a close collaboration was formed between the two institutions to harness the technology to its full potential. This special training distinguishes him with a mastery level knowledge of Invisalign and now he is a highly experienced Grayslake, Round Lake and Wilmette, Kenilworth Invisalign provider. Invisalign is the clear way to straighten teeth without braces. Because there are no metal wires or brackets, you can brush and floss normally to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Many of our patients had never considered traditional braces, but are now happily and comfortable improving their smiles with Invisalign.

Invisalign Advantages

  • Removable
  • Can move teeth without braces in certain cases
  • Improvement in tooth alignment
Invisalign Disadvantages

  • Often a longer period of acclimatization, approx. 2 weeks
  • May impede speech until patient can compensate
  • More expensive
  • Removable – high level of patient compliance needed (22 hours/day)
  • Attachments that are placed on the teeth with Invisalign stain and become discolored
  • Not precise
Facts about Invisalign

What is Invisalign?

  • Invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces
  • Series of clear, removable, custom made Aligners and attachments
  • Uses no metal wires or brackets
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Invisalign Teen

Straighten Your Teeth in a Way that Fits into Your Lifestyle!

invisalign teen

With Invisalign Teen, you can get the benefits of straighter teeth by using clear and removable aligners. To learn more about Invisalign Teen, call Dr. Stosich today. Here are some useful links to learn more about Invisalign and Invisalign Teen: Attachments for InvisalignInvisalign EffectivenessInvisalign 3D Planning, Invisalign Vs. Braces

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