Precise. Custom-designed to meet your unique, individual needs.
iD Clear Aligners

Dr. Stosich created iDentity Clear Aligners to offer a more efficient and precise way to straighten your smile in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

Dr. Stosich is a renowned expert in the field of orthodontics, having done extensive research at top research universities in bone biology and tooth movement to create the most advanced and efficient treatment anywhere, and continues his advancements as orthodontic director at the University of Chicago. His dedication and commitment to the field of orthodontics has resulted in techniques that provide the most ideally functioning bites for each individual patient he treats.

  • More precise
  • Requires fewer aligners than Invisalign treatment
  • More efficient, resulting in shorter treatment time
  • Custom designed for each patient
  • Calibrated specifically to meet each patient’s needs
  • Made in the USA
iD Clear Aligners
Efficiency + Aesthetics = Beautiful and Ideally Functioning Smiles

iD Clear Aligners 2Function is everything. In designing clear aligner therapy, we recognize that aesthetics must be blended with function to give patients the smiles they deserve once treatment is finished. Dr. Stosich has developed a hybrid model of straightening teeth to offer patients the best possible outcome. Pairing iDentity’s sleek iD braces with the convenience and aesthetics of iDentity Clear Aligners, Dr. Stosich can give his patients the best of both worlds.

Discover the power of iDentity Clear Aligners by Dr. Michael Stosich.
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Custom clear aligner therapy from iDentity Orthodontics is extremely efficient, even with the most complex orthodontic issues. To learn more about iDentity Clear Aligners and how they can transform your smile, contact Dr. Stosich today.