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Braces Treatment Options

Are you unhappy with your smile? Luckily, it’s never too late to get braces. Your teeth shouldn’t hold you back from personal or professional opportunities. Being able to smile with confidence is a gift everyone should have, and Dr. Spector is here to help patients of all ages, using a variety of orthodontic treatment options. Keep reading to learn more about the options available to Dr. Spector’s patients.

Complimentary Consultation

At iDentity Orthodontics, we provide all of our patients with an initial free of charge orthodontics consultation visit.

Learn more about your first visit at iDentity Orthodontics.

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All Insurances Accepted

We are proud to accept all types of insurance plans, we also provide amazingly affordable financing options.

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Flexible FinancingFlexible Financing
Flexible Appointments

Our appointments are flexible, we know our patients are busy, and we do our best to be flexible as much as possible.

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iD Ortho SystemiD Ortho System
What Choices Do I Have for Straightening My Teeth?

There is a reason why traditional metal braces are still so common – they are efficient and effective! But today’s metal braces are much sleeker and less noticeable than ever before, while still able to effectively move even the most difficult malocclusions. And with Dr. Spector’s patented low profile iD braces, treatment is personalized and highly efficient.


Ceramic braces work in the same way that metal braces do, utilizing brackets adhered to the teeth, and wires that guide the smile. However, the brackets will be made of tooth-colored or clear material, helping them blend in with the natural smile. They are less noticeable than metal braces, however they are not as strong as metal brackets.


If you play contact sports, it is always important to wear a properly fitting mouthguard to protect your mouth from injury. Talk to your orthodontist about being fitted for a personalized mouthguard to ensure an adequate level of protection.

Invisible braces refer to clear aligner systems that use clear plastic trays that gradually move the teeth over time. Patients are given sets of aligners that are worn for approximately two weeks each before moving on to the next set in the series. Each set is perfectly calibrated to achieve a certain tooth movement, so it is important to wear your aligners as your orthodontist recommends. Aligner trays should be worn a minimum of 22 hours a day, removing them only to eat, drink, brush and floss.


Contact our office in Grayslake for a consultation to learn more about your options for braces. Dr. Spector will consider the severity of your misalignment, your budget, and your lifestyle before suggesting one of the options listed above.

Where Should I Go for Braces?

When looking for an orthodontic office, it is always important to look for a highly experienced orthodontist. Board certification shows the highest level of dedication, knowledge, and expertise in the field of orthodontics. Dr. Spector is highly experienced and a proven leader in the orthodontics field.

What Happens When I Have Braces Put On?

The process for having metal or ceramic braces applied is the same. Teeth will be properly cleaned and then dried to allow for the cement that holds the bracket in place to properly bond to the teeth. Elastic bands will attach wires to each bracket. Some patients like to show their personalities by choosing colored bands. Once your braces are placed, follow-up appointments will be scheduled to ensure your treatment is on track.


For patients who choose clear aligner treatment, their clear aligners are created from impressions or digital scans taken at their first appointment. Once your aligner trays are ready, your orthodontist will check for the fit and comfort of your aligners. The aligners are made of smooth plastic, however, there may be areas that need to be buffed slightly to ensure an ideal fit and level of comfort.

How Long Does Getting Braces Take?

Having your braces placed is a relatively short process that should be virtually painless, although there may be some minor discomfort involved. The length of time it takes to put braces on depends on a few things, including the type of braces you are getting and you as a patient. Your teeth will be cleaned, polished, and dried thoroughly to allow for the cement to adhere properly. Brackets are adhered to the cement and then a special light is used to cure the bonding agent. The archwire will then be placed in the brackets and secured with elastics to hold it in place.

How Much Will Braces Cost?

Our patients frequently ask, “How much do braces cost?” To provide you with the most accurate estimate, we recommend an in-person consultation. An initial consultation is free, but it provides Dr. Spector with important information about your smile. We will discuss the severity of your issue, your smile goals, and what treatments might be able to help you reach that goal. Once we have that information, our financial coordinator can discuss the cost and payment options with you.


Your smile is an investment in yourself. Dr. Spector believes the cost of braces should never be a deterrent. We work with each of our patients to help them get the most out of their dental insurance benefits, accept all major credit cards, and offer low-interest financing options.

Will I Have to Wear a Retainer Afterward?

Retainers are a crucial part of your orthodontic treatment, so whether you’ve chosen metal braces or Invisalign, you should expect to wear a retainer following treatment. Without a retainer, your teeth will have a tendency to drift back to their previous locations. Your retainer should become a part of your daily routine in order to keep your smile straight and your bite effective and healthy.


Call our office today to set up a consultation to learn more about your options for braces in Kenilworth, IL or Grayslake, IL. Dr. Spector will answer your questions and go over the advantages and disadvantages of each of your options. We would be delighted to help you or your child get started on a straighter smile today.

Low-Profile, Personalized iD Braces

Dr. Spector’s personalized iD braces are high-tech, effective, efficient, and fully personalized to each patient. Made of the high-grade stainless steel, iD braces are backed by Dr. Spector’s expertise and knowledge, and guide teeth more efficiently and effectively than other metal braces options. They also offer a lower profile, so patients can enjoy the effectiveness of metal braces more discretely than ever before.

iD Metal Braces
Clear Braces
Clear (Ceramic) Braces

In addition to high-tech iD metal braces, we also offer clear braces made from very subtle ceramic materials. Many of our older teens and adult patients like these braces because they’re inconspicuous. Patients feel confident going to work and school with these clear braces.

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