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Invisalign Treatment What To Expect
Peter, the patient
Dear Dr. Stosich.,
I’ve been looking into Invisalign or iDentity Clear Aligners and everything I’ve read sounds great. But I spoke to a co-worker recently who used it and she said she wouldn’t recommend it. She said it took longer than she expected, and it impacted her life a lot more than she thought it would. Now I’m worried it isn’t the best option for me. What do I need to know before choosing the right treatment for me?

Peter, the patient
Dear Dr. S.,
Someone told me recently that crooked teeth can be inherited from their parents. Is that true? If my parents had braces as a teenager, does that mean I’ll need them, too?
Kelly M.
Dr. Michael Stosich
Dear Kelly,
It’s true, in some cases, crooked teeth are a genetic trait. Just as you inherited your brown eyes or blonde hair from your mom or dad, you can also inherit an imperfect smile. But, that doesn’t mean just because one or both of your parents had braces that you will need them, too. It does mean, though that you should be seeing an orthodontist regularly to monitor the growth of your jaw and how your permanent teeth are erupting.

Grayslake InvisalignKENILWORTH and EVANSTON, ILLINOIS – The marketing machine behind Invisalign has a growing number of patients asking for this treatment by name when they visit iDentity Orthodontics. Reviews of this treatment run the gamut, however.

Some dentists and orthodontists swear by it, while others believe there are more effective treatment methods. Still others- like Dr. Michael Stosich- see Invisalign as a good option in limited cases.

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