Damon Braces Questions
Stephen, the patient
Dear Dr. S.,
Yesterday, I had a consultation with an orthodontist who told me he’d like to use Damon Braces for my treatment. This orthodontist said these braces can move my teeth 30 percent faster than regular braces, and my treatment could be done three to six months faster than. Is that true?
Stephen P.
Dr. Michael Stosich
Dear Stephen
It sounds like the orthodontist you saw has fallen prey to the marketing hype surrounding Damon Braces and the so-called technology of self-ligating brackets. The company, and then many orthodontists, claim that Damon Braces move the teeth quicker, and often with less pain.

Invisalign Questions
Dr. Michael Stosich
Dear Dr. S.,
I’m a 45 year old who has been embarrassed by my smile for many years. My dentist suggested Invisalign because I don’t want to draw even more attention to my smile with metal braces. Can my dentist straighten my teeth with Invisalign as well as an orthodontist could with braces?
Sarah T.
Dr. Michael Stosich
Dear Sarah,
Thanks for your question – it’s one I get asked a lot, and it’s important that you do your research before undergoing orthodontic treatment. Invisalign took the orthodontic world by storm when it was first introduced, and because of that, more providers are clamoring to use it, thinking it keeps them ahead of the curve.


Sleep apnea is a very serious condition that not only can leave you tired and irritable during the day, but is also linked to high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. But is it true that tooth extractions can cause sleep apnea?

First, let’s take a look at why those who blame tooth extraction for OSA think it could be possible.

  1. They claim tooth extractions narrow the jaw.
  2. Because the jaw is narrowed, there is less room for the tongue, forcing it back and comprising the airway.
    So is that true?


early orthodontic treatmentWilmette, IL – Smiles can be perfected at any age, but for parents wondering when to schedule their child’s first orthodontic visit, it’s important to remember there is an optimal time to begin treatment. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children have their first visit with an orthodontist by the age of seven.

“Beginning treatment at just the right time can help improve outcomes, and it can often save you time and money in the long run,” says Grayslake orthodontist Dr. Michael Stosich. “Seven is the recommended age because the child will most likely have some mix of baby and permanent teeth, and the first molars have started to come in. We can begin to see how the mouth will take shape, and find problems that can be corrected with early orthodontic treatment.”

Does jaw pain have you all locked up? Do you have frequent headaches, neck aches, or tension in your shoulders? If so, you may suffer from TMJ disorders like so many Americans. TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joints, the joints that link your lower jaw to your skull. People hold stress and anxiety in these joints, and over time, this stress can manifest as pain in the body. With certain yoga poses, we can provide relief and vitality to the TMJ and lessen associated pain. Here are several yoga poses we recommend for TMJ disorders.