Invisalign Care

Kenilworth, IL – Invisalign treatment has revolutionized the way patients receive orthodontic care. For those who may have avoided treatment because they wanted a more discrete option, Invisalign offers the highest level of aesthetics. But still, some patients may avoid treatment because they worry Invisalign treatment may be too expensive.


If you have spent an entire lifetime with a less than ideal smile, and are making the decision to move forward with orthodontic treatment, chances are good you may be considering Invisalign. Invisalign has been gaining in popularity since it first came on the market, in part because it is marketed as invisible, comfortable and removable – all things adults considering orthodontic treatment love to hear. But, can it really provide the best results possible?

Peter, the patient
Dear Dr. Stosich,
I just got Invisalign, and after less than a day, these aligners are annoying! I had a button put on for use later when I need rubber bands to help move my teeth better, and the button is a bit cumbersome when taking the aligner trays in and out. It’s also taking a really long time to brush and clean my teeth and trays – is it always going to take me close to 10 minutes every time? That’s a lot of time spent cleaning! I read all about how amazing the aligners are, but I wasn’t prepared for the reality of them. Do you have any suggestions for how I can get used to my aligners?


Kenilworth/Wilmette, IL – Chances are good that you’ve seen an advertisement or two for Invisalign. The clear aligner therapy is hyped as being quick, easy and comfortable. But does it really provide the results that it claims, in the way that it claims to?

According to many patients, the marketing hype may be just that – hype. One former patient recently shared her Invisalign journey with Dr. Michael Stosich.

“Like many patients, she saw an advertisement and thought Invisalign sounded like the perfect solution to her smile problems,” says Dr. Stosich, who treats patients in the Chicago area. “But unfortunately, many patients finish Invisalign treatment with smiles far from what they had envisioned.”

Invisalign Cost
Peter, the patient
Dear Dr. Stosich.,
My teenage daughter needs braces, and has her heart set on Invisalign or iDentity Clear Aligners because she doesn’t want to draw attention to her mouth during her treatment. But I’m worried the treatment will be too expensive and we won’t be able to afford it. How does Invisalign or iDentity Clear Aligner treatment compare to metal braces?

Invisalign Treatment What To Expect
Peter, the patient
Dear Dr. Stosich.,
I’ve been looking into Invisalign or iDentity Clear Aligners and everything I’ve read sounds great. But I spoke to a co-worker recently who used it and she said she wouldn’t recommend it. She said it took longer than she expected, and it impacted her life a lot more than she thought it would. Now I’m worried it isn’t the best option for me. What do I need to know before choosing the right treatment for me?

Invisalign treatment what to look for
Peter, the patient
Dear Dr. S.,
I love the idea of Invisalign. I’m not in your area, and am unsure how I can find the right provider for me. What is your advice on how to find a skilled Invisalign provider?
Martha P.
Dr. Michael Stosich
Dear Martha,
That’s a great question. Finding the provider that is right for you takes some research and effort. You can start by going to the Invisalign website and searching on their site for Invisalign providers in your area. You can see providers with different statuses, such as Elite or Premier. These refer to how often the provider uses Invisalign as a treatment option.