Children Orthodontics

braces with the medical card
Waukegan/Round Lake Beach, IL – If your child needs braces, or you’re worried they might, chances are good you’ve also wondered how you’ll pay for them when the time comes. If your child currently has Medical Card dental insurance, you can receive braces treatment from Dr. Michael Stosich at iDentity Orthodontics.

Dr. Michael Stosich believes that every child should be able to benefit from having a healthy, straight smile. His office accepts all major dental insurances and has staff members dedicated to working with the families of patients to ensure their insurance benefits are maximized.

“At the very first consultation, our financial coordinator meets with families to discuss their benefits and other options that can make treatment more affordable,” says Dr. Stosich. “If your child is covered by Medicaid or another public assistance insurance plan, we will help you learn how your child can get iD braces at no cost to you.”


When people think of orthodontic treatment, they probably conjure up an image of a teen or pre-teen with a mouth full of metal. But what happens to that teen when the braces are removed?

“Every day in our office is fun, but the day a patient gets his or her braces removed is always an exceptional day,” says orthodontist Dr. Michael Stosich. “For many patients, braces have come at an already awkward and uncomfortable time. They may have avoided smiling before, because they were embarrassed by crooked, crowded or oddly spaced teeth. But after treatment, they can’t stop smiling, and neither can we.”

Orthodontics doesn’t just transform smiles, it can transform lives. Below is just one of the many smile stories Dr. Stosich and his team have received after providing braces treatment.