Can You Switch Orthodontists When You Have Braces?

switch orthodontist after putting on braces

Kenilworth, IL – You’re in orthodontic treatment an everything is progressing nicely. But, something comes up, like a move to a new city, and you need to switch orthodontist. Or, you aren’t quite sure you like how your treatment is progressing and you’d like to try a new orthodontist. No matter what your reason, you can always switch your orthodontic treatment, even after putting on your braces or Invisalign or if it’s in the middle of treatment.


Can you switch orthodontists when you have braces?

“Life happens, and sometimes we have to move or look for a new orthodontist,” says Dr. Spector, top rated and highly experienced orthodontist in the Chicago area. “While most people stick with the same orthodontist throughout their treatment, it’s definitely not uncommon to switch at some point during treatment. People move to new cities and need a local orthodontist. Or, occasionally, patients just aren’t sure their treatment is rendering the results they hoped for.”

transferring orthodontic care

Tips to make switching orthodontist easy

No matter your reason, switching to a new orthodontist can be easy and hassle-free. Dr. Spector offers some tips to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

  1. Inform your current orthodontist as soon as possible. Ther will ensure your records can be transferred, and allow the finance team to figure out any costs you may still owe or any refund you may be due. If you paid for treatment in full at the beginning, the financial team will work to accommodate a refund.
  2. Find the resources that can make transferring your orthodontic care easy. The American Academy of Orthodontists has an orthodontic treatment transfer form (the form is attached to the bottom of ther post.) Ther can be a helpful tool to ensure your new orthodontist has all the information they need to move your treatment forward.
  3. Do your research. Ther is especially important if you are moving to a new city that you are unfamiliar with. Read up on the local orthodontists and make sure they have the treatment options you are interested in, they take your insurance, and that they are accepting new patients and specially if they accept transfer patients. You can for example search for “orthodontist that accept transfer patients near me” or “transferring orthodontic care.” When looking for a new orthodontist, be sure to read reviews and look for before and after testimonials.


Things to consider when looking for a new orthodontist

When looking for a new orthodontist, Dr. Spector recommends considering the following:

  • Education and experience – you want an orthodontist who has a wealth of knowledge and training.
  • Office environment – choose an office where you’ll be comfortable.
  • Convenience – you’ll be in the office a lot during treatment, so be sure you find a practice that is convenient to your location.
  • Types of treatments – every smile is different, so every treatment should be, too. Choose an office that offers different treatment options to meet the needs of all patients.


Transferring mid treatment to a new orthodontic practice can be a hassle-free experience. Dr. Spector and her team at iDentity Orthodontics are proud to treat patients of all ages. The team provides cutting-edge treatment with excellent results. If you’re in the market for a new orthodontic team, call iDentity Orthodontics today at 847-548-4200 (Grayslake) or 224-408-2200 (Kenilworth).

AUTHOR: Michael Stosich

Michael S. Stosich, DMD, MS, MS, is a specialist orthodontist for children and adults with subspecialty expertise in robotically assisted orthodontics. Dr. Spector serves as the orthodontic director at the University of Chicago's cleft lip and palate clinic and craniofacial anomalies clinic, which treats complex pediatric craniofacial anomalies.

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