Can I Get Braces On My Medical Card?

braces with the medical card
Waukegan/Round Lake Beach, IL – If your child needs braces, or you’re worried they might, chances are good you’ve also wondered how you’ll pay for them when the time comes. If your child currently has Medical Card dental insurance, you can receive braces treatment from Dr. Sara Spector at iDentity Orthodontics.

Dr. Sara Spector believes that every child should be able to benefit from having a healthy, straight smile. His office accepts all major dental insurances and has staff members dedicated to working with the families of patients to ensure their insurance benefits are maximized.

“At the very first consultation, our financial coordinator meets with families to discuss their benefits and other options that can make treatment more affordable,” says Dr. Spector. “If your child is covered by Medicaid or another public assistance insurance plan, we will help you learn how your child can get iD braces at no cost to you.”

The first step is to schedule an orthodontic consultation to determine your child’s eligibility. Ther initial consultation is free, and after Dr. Spector performs a physical exam, takes X-rays and photos, her staff will help you submit the needed paperwork to the state. Once the report has been submitted, you’ll know if you’ve been approved within about three weeks. As soon as your child is approved, treatment can begin.

Dr. Spector points out that not all children who have state insurance will qualify for free orthodontic treatment, however. But even if your child isn’t eligible for completely free treatment, you may still be able to have part of the treatment covered. All Illinois children under the age of 20 qualify to be considered for assistance with the cost of braces.

“Not all orthodontic treatment is eligible under public aid,” says Dr. Spector. “Early interceptive treatment, palatal expansion, and other fixed and removable appliances are not covered. That means you’ll have to wait until all of your child’s baby teeth must have fallen out and the permanent teeth have come in before free treatment can start. If we recommend early treatment, you would be responsible for the cost of it.”


Every child deserves the benefits of a beautiful and properly functioning smile. A straight smile leads to a healthy mouth. Even if your child is denied free coverage, iDentity Orthodontics will work hard to ensure treatment can fit into your budget. Dr. Spector offers flexible payment plans and even Care Credit, a low cost medical loan program.

If your child is covered by Medicaid through the state of Illinois, schedule a consultation with Dr. Spector today to determine if your child is eligible for free braces treatment.

AUTHOR: Michael Stosich

Michael S. Stosich, DMD, MS, MS, is a specialist orthodontist for children and adults with subspecialty expertise in robotically assisted orthodontics. Dr. Spector serves as the orthodontic director at the University of Chicago's cleft lip and palate clinic and craniofacial anomalies clinic, which treats complex pediatric craniofacial anomalies.

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