Invisible Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces

Hide your braces not your smile!

Lingual orthodontics is our most advanced alternative for the orthodontic treatment of patients, athletes and VIPs who require an optimal and discreet treatment option.
With lingual braces, Dr. Stosich custom designs the brackets and wires to be placed on the inside, or lingual, of your teeth. You’ll receive the precision and accuracy of 3D guided robotics without the visible signs of orthodontic treatment.


  • The most accurate treatment results, due to the use of highly precise, robotically bent wires
  • Improvement in tooth alignment during all stages of the treatment (even at the beginning) because the appliance does not hide the teeth’s surface
  • Even and smooth tooth repositioning, important for the aesthetic appearance, take place at the beginning of treatment. The fine-tuning takes up the lion’s share of the overall treatment.
  • No risk of visible discoloration of the teeth, and no borders after debonding, because bonding is done on the non-visible lingual side of the teeth.
  • No increased risk of injury due to sports, or accidents.
  • For adults: No adverse effect on kissing!

  • Often a longer period of acclimatization, approx. 2 weeks
  • May impede speech until patient can compensate
  • More expensive
Facts about Lingual Braces

Invisible orthodontic lingual braces are placed behind your teeth, so no one will even know you are wearing braces. Lingual orthodontics can give you a beautiful smile, even while you’re wearing them, with virtually no impact on speech or irritation to your tongue.

Lingual braces
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